is a minimal sound system for mobilephones, designed for listening to classical music, made from a single piece of solid mahogany wood, Symphonia is unique.

Symphonia is made in Italy.

€ 125,00

+ € 15,00 shipping 

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Classical music:  you don’t need Bluetooth.

  • The internal shape is designed to amplify the typical frequencies of classical and opera music. Symphonia increases the sound volume and restores the naturalness of the voices and instruments.

  • We are purists of sound and we like the classical music. The main idea is using natural wood to listen to music without any other e-gadgets.

  • If you love classical music, you will love the SYMPHONIA.

How it's made:

Wahhworks is the name of our hub with several years of experience in design and prototyping. That’s why we have the knowledge and passion to carry out this project. 

TOP: in solid mahogany wood, cnc milled, sanded & finished by hand with raw linseed oil

CASE BACK: polished methacrylate sheet, laser cut and engraving

PACKAGING: sewn cotton bag